Why Do You Need a FAQ Page for Your Ecommerce Store and How to Create It

Regardless of business types, every site has some particular pages. Generally you will find: About us, home, terms of service, and contact page. When it comes to ecommerce sites, the list includes the FAQ page, payment, and return policy, terms of payments, etc.

What is the FAQ Page?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page answers the frequent queries that you receive from the customer’s end. By answering the customer’s concerns upfront, you can bridge the gap between a customer’s thoughts about your products, services, and support they will get from your brand.

Such an act boost the reliability of customer in your brand. It gives them the satisfaction that you are well aware of your offerings and can help them with outstanding services. When answering product related queries; FAQ page is capable of boosting customer’s buying decision. It can improve the SEO of your site. Adding the FAQ section to your site can surely reduce some of your customer support burden.

Benefits of FAQ Page

Adding the FAQ page on your site can primarily benefit you in several ways :

Reduces the flow of customer queries

Serving your customers in the best possible way must be the priority of every business. But, the repetitive questions from customers can often be irritating and time-consuming. When you address the most common concerns of your customers already on your site, you will automatically see the reduced flow on the support end. Minimizing this burden, your support team can concentrate more on the technical worries where other customers were stuck.

Improves the SEO of your site

The queries answered in the FAQ pages aren’t much in-depth. For more details, you can link it to the specific blog page. If you enable “do follow” links on your store, you can allow the Google search engine to discover your internal blog pages by navigating through internally linked pages. The queries included in the FAQ can be the regular payment and shipping related concerns, which are usually asked by customers directly in Google. If your FAQ section answers such queries, there is the chance of your that your website appears in the search results. It will improve the chances of your website’s visibility on the SERPs.

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