What It Takes to Create the Best User Experience for your Online Store

Ecommerce trends keep on changing in a breeze. Some trends may only be fads, while others may act as a seismic shift across the industry. Mobile or online shopping falls into the latter category.

Today, consumers have become pickier and more discerning than ever. As per Adobe, almost 38% of online shoppers will leave a website if they find the design to be unattractive. And that’s the reason why businesses are working hard to come up with a website that is clean and easy to navigate to make the purchasing process as intuitive as possible.

What is Ecommerce User Experience?

In layman’s terms, the core idea of typical user experience (UX) design is to get inside the head of your end-user and learn what will give them a simple, logical, and enjoyable shopping experience.

Ecommerce user experience, however, is all about the perception a user has after interacting with your website — whether it be positive or negative.

Have you wondered why around 46 out of every 50 of your visitors end up abandoning their cart? It’s easy — they aren’t impressed at all.

Imagine yourself walking into a brick and mortar store. You are searching for something hard to find. When you seek assistance, you find a customer service associate is busy texting on their phone or playing a game.

How would you feel? Annoyed? Disheartened? You’d most likely just walk out! These feelings also apply to online businesses. The rise in cart abandonment leads to a staggering amount of revenue loss.

How to Stay Ahead of User Expectations

Don’t let your competitors outmaneuver you by ignoring this valuable step for your business. Your competitors are just a Google search away, and switching brands for the next best thing is no big deal for your customers.

Moreover, in the present scenario, customers act as brand advocates who promote their products and services widely. So you have to complete some user research to identify their needs, meet or even exceed their expectations, and deliver the ideal experiences.

Down below you’ll find a few pointers to help you better connect with your customers in this age of endless possibilities.

Users (And Google) demand speed

Consumers want to find what they’re looking for, and it has to be fast or they will switch. Page load speed time is something that even Google considers when they calculate your site’s ranking. As per several researchers, 9.6% of visitors will bounce off your page if the load speed is more than two seconds.

Each customer has their unique worth; this might create significant losses in terms of revenue.

  • Make sure your web pages load quickly along with all images.
  • Avoid a high bounce rate; it’s awful for SEO.

Provide the right info appealingly

We, as humans, are always looking for answers. Make sure you answer all general questions about your business, your products, and your return policy on your website. Remember, surprise and delight has to be the desired outcome.

Ask for feedback proactively

Customer feedback surveys are a must-do activity. Businesses should ask customers for their opinions before there’s an issue. You can add feedback forms to your website. This additionally shows that you care about what your end-users think or feel.

Another example: Many websites offer live chat on their sites to greet web visitors as they browse the site. While browsing, any visitor can ask a question and end up chatting with an agent. That’s how you can personalize it!

All in all, whether it’s about winning new customers or driving loyalty, getting good returns in business, positioning of the brand, and customer experience are at the heart of everything.

And you know what the best part of doing all this is? It offers outcomes that are uniquely rewarding for many years to come.

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