What Is the Best Shopping Cart Software for SEO?

Your ecommerce store should be ranked in the results so internet users can easily find it on Google and Yahoo when they search. Luckily, the optimization process is not very difficult. Some of the ideal shopping cart software solutions such as Builderfly support many SEO functions to decrease your burden.

The information on Google and Yahoo search engines can help you in building an effective SEO website marketing strategy.

SEO is just a part of your marketing. Nobody can guarantee you that you’ll always be found at the top of the search engine outcome. Today, so many website owners want to achieve this, and only the most proficient will get this.

SEO is way too important for the success of your ecommerce business, and so customers were also looking outside of search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to the set of practices used by online business owners to achieve good traffic and high ranking in Google via organic search engine results. Old practices such as hiding text on webpages are of no use today and can even lead to penalties.

Google is the main decision-maker when it comes to “good” or “bad” SEO strategies. Optimizing your ecommerce website for search engines improves human readability. There are two main categories of SEO: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The techniques you apply on your website refers to the on-page SEO, while off-page refers to the promotional efforts you do to increase your website traffic. To perform better on-page activities, you need solid tools to build in ecommerce software or shopping cart software.

Why Is SEO Important for your ecommerce?

Today, the majority of user’s shopping starts on a search engine. There are thousands of online shopping websites available, and users are looking for the best option, and thus, they visit search engines to find out which are the top-ranked websites and compare products they need.

Some Long-tail keywords attract high-quality traffic which is most likely to convert into long-term customers. Sometimes shoppers start using short-tail keywords and perform detail searches with long-tail keywords for the desired product. These keywords have a drastic effect on the ranking of your website. Using the proper keywords for your website is important nowadays. Unluckily, some of the shopping cart software makes it difficult to optimize your website. Apart from keywords, people also need good page speed, mobile-friendliness, quality content and many more.

If you want to win over today’s ecommerce world and want to boost your sales and traffic, you need to have a complete SEO strategy that covers everything and to achieve this you need to build your online store on a platform that supports all SEO features.

List of SEO Factors Which Matters

The following factors play an important role in how good your online store ranks in search engine:

  • Page speed
  • Fast loading software is good for users and additionally good for SEO as it can lead to higher conversion rates. Page load speed depends on the ecommerce platform and hosting solution you choose.
  • Optimize Meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Google and other several search engines fetch Metadata such as descriptions, tags, and titles based on the algorithm. Many shopping cart software provides by default fields for meta description and title. Optimize it properly, and you’ll get the best result.
  • Editable robot.txt files
  • It allows you to mention URLs that robots should not crawl. It is beneficial for blocking search engines from crawling non-HTML files.
  • Built-in Blog
  • Blogs can offer additional benefits to your users and increase your business ranking as it can attract more visitors than a static page.
  • Proper and complete business information
  • Adding your complete business detail on google allows users to easily find your business and also increase your site completeness rank.
  • Rich category page
  • Many ecommerce platforms neglect the category pages. The ideal ecommerce platform will allow you to add rich text for your category pages along with the proper images and videos.
  • Canonical URL
  • Duplicate content placed on multiple URLs of your ecommerce website can be indexed and ranked using canonical URLs. This enables you to neglect duplicate content issues by pointing only one original page for indexing.
  • Automated XML Sitemaps
  • It allows you to index individual pages with Google, although it does not have any effect on your ranking. Ecommerce platforms or shopping cart software that generate XML sitemaps will make it easy for you to update and add sitemaps.
  • 301 Redirects
  • Many shopping cart software tends to remove product pages when it is no longer available or of no use. That’s why 301 redirects are important to redirect deadlinks whenever needed.
  • Friendly Navigation Structure
  • Both your users and search engines need easy navigation around your site. You should navigate both through texts and not via images. Remember always to avoid duplicate links.

The list is not finished yet; there are more than 200 SEO factors which affect your selection of ecommerce platform. If you can find out the platform which covers most of the features, you need to kick start your work.

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Builderfly is the best Ecommerce platform to build an online store for web and mobile. I work as Business Development Executive at www.builderfly.com

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