What are the Top 10 Most Popular Builderfly Ecommerce Themes?

Builderfly is a revolutionary online store as well as a mobile app builder. When we call it revolutionary, there must be something that justifies it, right? Well, many features let Builderfly apart from the rest. However, the significant feature of Builderfly includes:

  1. Free AI-powered mobiles apps for iOS and Android.
  2. No Transaction Fee at all stages of business.
  3. Conveniently managing all selling points with a Single Backend Management
  4. Various Fully Functional Themes for Free.
  5. Industry-specific professional themes
  6. Separate Mobile Editor
  7. Fully customizable online store
  8. HTML and CMS editing facility
  9. Social media integration
  10. In-built Google Analytics
  11. 24/7 monitoring and support

In this blog, our major focus would be on the ready-to-use themes offered by Builderfly which is one of the major features as mentioned above. Builderfly offers 10 free themes that you can choose while registering with Builderfly. Additionally, the Builderfly Marketplace offers 9 paid themes based on different industries. Which means, in total, you have 19 themes to choose from; that is indeed a wide range of choice with unique layouts and design ideas for your online store!

What is the Free Themes Offered in Builderfly?

Builderfly offers free as well as paid themes for designing your online store with great efficiency as mentioned above. Below is the list of Free Themes offered in your Builderfly ecommerce platform:

  1. Forte
  2. Vogue
  3. Stereos
  4. Morsel
  5. Supellex
  6. Blush
  7. Chattel
  8. Jewel
  9. Action
  10. syntax

What are the Paid Themes Offered in Builderfly?

Apart from the free themes offered in Builderfly, you get access to paid themes to define your business the way you like. Following are the paid themes that are offered in Builderfly marketplace:

  1. Birch
  2. Canape
  3. Dekor
  4. Diamond
  5. Eutierria
  6. Techtools
  7. Tomber
  8. Verdure
  9. Wave

What are the common features found in Builderfly free and paid themes?

All the Builderfly themes focus on one significant factor — enhancing the user experience. With the unanimous goal, there are a few essential collective features for both paid as well as free Builderfly themes. These features are as follows:

  1. Fully customizable theme
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Add/ remove navigation page
  4. User-friendly handling
  5. Mobile responsive
  6. Font/style library
  7. Inbuilt Google Adwords
  8. Inbuilt Google pixel
  9. Social Media icon and direct linking
  10. Add/remove and manage videos
  11. Customizable content sections
  12. Free theme updates
  13. Free stock photos

What are the top 10 most popular Builderfly ecommerce themes?

To choose the top 10 most popular Builderfly ecommerce themes is a tough call. All the themes make sure to deliver a unique and best experience to its users. However, here we introduce you to the top 10 most popular Builderfly ecommerce themes that are loved and chosen by the majority of the users:

1) Wave

The fashion industry demands a spectacular online presence and a stunning online store. Wave is a smart theme for the finest online fashion store combined with stunning and easily customizable features for your online store. With this theme, Builderfly makes sure to put the maximum focus on what matters the most — driving sales.

The Unique Theme Features for Wave Include:

  1. The dedicated theme for your online fashion store
  2. A theme that can make the viewers’ stay for long
  3. Professionally designed layout
  4. Separate sections for recent blogs, newsletters, and store location
  5. Focused space for high definition product images
  6. Self-explanatory menu bar for easy navigation
  7. Blog section with a glimpse of the content within

2) Forte

Your art becomes the best when it is shown the right way to the right set of audience. As an artist, you must rightly know the importance of depicting the perfect online impression for your ecommerce business. Builderfly’s Forte theme lets you define your brand that perfectly fits your online presence.

The Unique Theme Features for Forte Include:

  1. Premium quality themes for every art
  2. Ready-to-use templates for HD images
  3. Adjustable frames for different sizes of images
  4. Designed for arts of all categories
  5. Featured blogs and social media platforms integration

3) Dekor

Dekor is a professionally designed home décor theme that is perfect for promotion-focused stores with large inventories, full-width imagery, and gorgeous homepage product grid. Your home décor store can not only enhance its appearance but also bring in more sales with a versatile theme layout.

The Unique Theme Features for Dekor Include:

  1. A theme that can decorate your online store
  2. High definition image to perfectly show the interior designs
  3. The menu bar on the top with an option to navigate
  4. Expansive product image layout
  5. Separate sections for blogs and store location
  6. Featured section to highlight the trending products
  7. Influencing layout to grab customer attention

4) Verdure

The traditional; gardening business might not focus on the looks. The online gardening store, on the other hand, must be designed sleekly with the right choice of themes and templates. Style your store with the powered-packed feature theme from Builderfly to scale and attract the right audience with an array of branding and customization options.

The Unique Theme Features for Verdure Include:

  1. A theme with an elaborative layout for gardening business
  2. A well-designed theme that perfectly defines each product
  3. A separate region to give short descriptions of the product
  4. Discrete segments for latest blogs and store location
  5. Footer includes a call-to-action option for signing up for promotions and newsletters
  6. Combination of dark and light theme mode that beautifully define your store
  7. Menu bar including search tab, account, and shopping cart

5) Blush

The health and beauty online store, without a doubt, must be beautiful in all aspects. Build a perfect brand image for your online health and beauty store using Builderfly’s Blush theme for dynamic results. Get access to featured themes and templates and let customers find your store the go-to place for health and beauty.

The Unique Theme Features for Blush Include:

  1. Designs to define the business
  2. Quality themes and templates
  3. Free theme updates
  4. Customizable sections
  5. Add/remove pages

6) Diamond

The online jewellery store calls for a top-notch and presentable theme. Enjoy this striking and scalable theme to sell products with finesse. Provide a smooth & satisfying experience to grow your audience with the utmost ease using this jewellery theme. Let your store sparkle like your jewellery in the online world.

The Unique Theme Features for Diamond Include:

  1. Uniquely designed themes for your online jewellery store
  2. High-quality samples images to display every minute detailing
  3. Separate section to highlight the trending products
  4. Footer section with recent posts
  5. Simplified layout for easy navigation
  6. Social media navigation icons on the top display
  7. Professionally designed template for a competent online store

7) Syntax

Selling games and toys online requires to build trust and brand recognition. With the syntax toys and games theme, build an exclusive toys and games store for your valued and potential customers with Builderfly. Give the touch of your brand along with this prime theme and templates designed for you by the experts.

The Unique Theme Features for syntax Include:

  1. Easily manageable themes and templates
  2. Premium designs for quality product display
  3. Designed for toys and games stores of all kinds
  4. Mobile-friendly layout
  5. Reflowable themes

8) Birch

Creating an online food store must be a satisfying experience for users. The right use of templates, themes, and images can help you convert viewers into customers. Use this fresh and versatile theme customized for stores with highly-configurable products designed to drive conversions & optimized for catalogues of all sizes.

The Unique Theme Features for Birch Include:

  1. A theme that can melt every foodies’ heart
  2. The spacious theme for product images that kindle the taste buds
  3. Perfect layout for displaying the products images and their descriptions
  4. Different categories to group the products
  5. Detailed theme to rightly define your brand
  6. Separate section for a message from the owner of the company including a high definition picture
  7. Distinct sections for different social media handles.

9) Techtools

Builderfly’ Techtools is a flexible and cutting-edge design theme that is guaranteed to make your business stand out online with an ultra-powerful, versatile, and easily supported large catalogues including a wide range of products. Instil trust and loyalty to your customers to boost the sales of your online electronics business with this theme.

The Unique Theme Features for Techtools Include:

  1. The chosen theme for your electronic business
  2. Sufficient area for individual product description
  3. Direct link to buy a particular product
  4. Separate section for visual display of products
  5. Assigned call-to-action for newsletter subscription
  6. Well-displayed section for latest news and updates
  7. Option to provide the location of the offline store in the footer

10) Supellex

The furniture industry is gradually shifting from offline to online. You need to stand up front during this shift. Builderfly’s Supellex theme lets you stay ahead of the rest with the supreme features of to create that perfect store for your viewers and customers. Let loyal customers find a way to your online furniture store with the right use of themes and templates.

The Unique Theme Features for Supellex Include:

  1. Spacious themes for furniture of all kinds
  2. Option to add/ delete sections
  3. Mobile responsive themes
  4. Unique templates that define a brand
  5. Choice of mega and classic menu designs

As said before, choosing the top 10 is a tough choice. You must visit the store and check out all the extensive themes offered in order to choose the best for your online store. After all, every store requirement is unique!

Read more: https://www.builderfly.com/what-are-the-top-10-most-popular-builderfly-ecommerce-themes

Builderfly is the best Ecommerce platform to build an online store for web and mobile. I work as Business Development Executive at www.builderfly.com

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