What are the Different Types of Websites? — An Expert Guide

Focusing on the website design is elemental for building any business. Today, there are more than 1.7 billion online websites which are beneficial for learning but detrimental with the confusions created of choosing the best designs. As an online business owner, you must be aware of all the different types of websites out there so that you can make a sound decision of which will be the best one for your business. Keeping a check on your competitors’ choice is a great idea to find the loopholes and create a better version for your business. The internet is already flooded with various types of websites and newer ones are emerging every day. All these websites are scattered in the WWW or World Wide Web. Earlier, websites were used by government organizations or a few big companies and now even the smallest business owns a website.

When you are planning to start a website, it could be tedious to think about all the existing websites. However, you need to know that within the innumerable websites, there are various categories of types of websites with different goals. When creating your own website, you need to carefully select the type of website will be a perfect fit for your business. If you narrow down the categories of business, you can look for similar business websites of your chosen category for inspiration. Even though there are many websites online, no two are the same. Even if you find some types of overlapping, each type serves a unique purpose. There is a wide array of website classification with each fulfilling a unique requirement in a continually fluctuating framework of costs. Although the numbers of websites are plenty, it can be categorized into different types. In this article, we will be discussing the well-known types of websites you may find online.

The different types of websites

Personal Websites

The internet service provider you use may provide you with free server space wherein you can create your own website to save your personal data. Usually, such websites have a URL that is inclusive of your ISP or user name and can be useful at a personal level. This kind of website is not recommended for any type of businesses as they are not search engine friendly. Moreover, the ISP offers limited server functionalities which would not be sufficient for a business, whether small or large.

Informational Websites

Informational websites can aid in providing knowledge regarding specific or multiple topics. Gone are the days when people had to visit libraries to collect information regarding a subject. Nowadays, whenever people require information, the first thing that pops up their mind is Google. All the answers are provided online with such informational websites. People use such websites for self-educating themselves with online tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Blog Websites

You have probably come across one or more blogs while browsing through any particular topic. However, for those who are not aware of blog websites, it refers to informational pages or online journals that are regularly updated in a certain interval. A blog can cover any topic such as food review, place review, book review, financial advice, travel tips, and the list goes on. It can be managed by an individual or a group of people. While blog websites can be written in an informal language, it is now often used as a professional way to earn money. Are you already looking forward to starting your blogging website? We would suggest you explore www.builderfly.com which is the best available website and online store builder in 2020. You can try out creating one with the 14-days free trial period. However, to start selling, you’ll need to choose a subscription plan. But, hey, you have got four different subscription plans on a monthly as well as an annual basis which is suitable for businesses of all kinds.

Business Websites

A business website is a type of website that represents your business. As mentioned above, every small to large-scale businesses now have an online website. The reason being, with the increasing demand for online services, businesses need to create a strong online presence so as to be visible to their target audience and creating a business website is one such way. Moreover, a website boosts the credibility of your business. The things to be included in a business website can be endless and mainly it depends on the business owner, the market trends, and the target audience requirements.

Entertainment Website

When browsing the internet, you might know that a few websites you visit are solely for entertainment purposes. It could be of any niche such as humour, webcomics, or something that tingle the interest in you to know more. Majority of such businesses aim at earning money through these websites similar to an ecommerce website (We’ll come to it later), but not by selling products or services on the websites, rather through ads and other streaming services. The content for entertainment websites can be anything from funny blogs, informative videos, comic pictures, fun quizzes or anything that can lure the entertainment quotient in your target market. It is a widely accepted fact that entertainment websites are the best way to get the world know about the content you share.

Non-Profit Website

Just like any other businesses, Non-Profit organizations also need a website and this website that can be fruitful for them. A non-profit website is not meant to earn money and is useful for dedicated contributors to donate money to such organizations as well as learn more about such organizations. In case you are planning to start an NGO, it would be a great idea to start with creating such a website to establish the authenticity of your organization and get in touch with more and more audience. You can utilize such websites to develop your business, encourage people to take a step, and accept donations easily. In most cases, creating a non-profit website requires minimal or no investment and here comes the use of Builderfly Ecommerce Platform which is the inclusive of lifetime-free Startup Plan, Standard Plan, Advance Plan, and Pro Plan. Based on the financial health of a business, you can choose the plan to create your non-profit website efficiently.

Portfolio Websites

A portfolio website is a way for creative people to showcase their talents professionally. By creative people, any writer, designer, and other creative artists can use this website to build a strong online presence. Once you add your portfolio through this website, you shall not need to showcase every project you have worked on. Instead, you can consider showcasing the best work from different categories to let your customers know everything you have in the house. Compared to other websites, it is a quite more creative website and therefore must be inclusive of interesting designs, templates, and themes.

Social Media Websites

The number of people using social media platforms is increasing at an unmatchable speed, every day. Irrespective of your target audience, you can be assured that you are finding them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, or Instagram. Although you are not allowed to edit the designs of these social media platforms, you can surely control the look of your pages on these platforms. Also, you can use quality content to drive more social media likes and shares. It is suggested by experts to use similar designs for your websites and social media pages to be easily recognized by your target audience.

Ecommerce Websites

As the renowned phrase goes, last but not the least, an ecommerce website is an online shopping site wherein customers can purchase products or services from the company. Every ecommerce website must be robust enough to make it easy for the customers to navigate through the website and find what they like. You might have at least used an ecommerce website for once; especially during these lockdowns. The increasing demand for online services has forced every brick and mortar store to start selling online. The best way to create an ecommerce website without being a technical expert is registering with Builderfly Ecommerce Platform. It is a way to efficiently reach a wider set of audience with ready-to-use templates, professionally designed themes, on-page optimization, and multiple-selling options.


These were a few suggestions from our expert team to provide the know-how of the significant types of websites prevalent today. Apart from choosing the right type, there are some other aspects you need to consider such as a good design that is optimized enough for user engagement and is highly targeted on a viewer-specific basis. Investing time in quality research to know what has worked for other businesses can help you channel your requirements and pick the right website type. Whatever the type of website is, your target should be focused on fulfilling the requirements of your online audience. These are some of the tried and tested types of websites by many business professionals and now is the time for you to check what works the best for you.

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