The Complete Guide on How to Launch a Poster Store Online

Got a design idea that would look amazing on a poster? Want to sell it online? This blog post walks you through how to make it happen — making your designs and bringing in sales.

What is great about selling posters is that this business doesn’t require deep product knowledge and modern technology to enable you to automate all the processes. Continue reading to get the whole idea.

Who Can Sell Posters

Many stores can add a poster to the storefront — you simply need to inscribe them in the concept of your business. Regardless of whether you sell car parts, you can create a wonderful car poster and offer it as an extra product.

Here are a couple of stores types that can easily add posters to their storefront:

Look at-in what countries posters are most demanded:

Tips for Creating Great Poster Design

Your poster design will depend on your audience and your niche. But there are a few guidelines of thumb to keep in mind.

Minimalism and typography work

You don’t have to be an expert designer to design a good-looking poster. Minimalist text or designs work well, so you could play with typography or design one of your inspiring quotes.

Photographs additionally work well, particularly when printed on Luster photo paper — it’s fingerprint-resistant and its finish is between a matte and a glossy look.

Create designs at full bleed

Create your design so it covers the whole canvas. To exclude any important details at the margins, in case something gets cut off during the printing.

Tools and resources

If your design skills aren’t so good, then look for a freelance designer. Some of the best sites where you can find freelancers are Behance, Fiverr, or 99designs.

If you want to design by yourself, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are well-known image editing tools.

Design at the intended size

The most significant guideline to remember is to create your design at the intended dimensions and size, with a good resolution. If you create your design excessively small, it’ll lose quality the more times you re-size. So design everything at the correct size appropriate from the start. For instance, if you’re designing a 24×36” poster, utilize those dimensions in Photoshop immediately.

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