Minimize Your Efforts & Make More With Builderfly- A Compact Ecommerce Package

On 27th June 2020, at 5 PM (IST), Builderfly is coming up with its next webinar session. The topic of the webinar will be “Make Your Store Attractive With Builderfly’s Design Section !” Whether you have started creating your store or not, you can join us and learn how easy it is to customize your store’s front-end.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for youthprenuers, women entrepreneurs, and existing retail businesses to build their business. When the country is unlocking gradually, you can maintain the norms and still give wings to your business ideas.

The experts will guide you in detail about the ideas that you can implement to add a personal touch to your store. From textual editing and animation to tweaking the codes, experts will show it all.

Key takeaways:

● Learn to select the best theme for your store

● Absorb the art of customizing each of your web pages

● Understand the implementation of HTML/CSS for sub-sections

● Add new pages to your site and choose the best look

● Update required settings to refine your site’s SEO

● Addressing queries in live Q&A session

Builderfly’s design section is an easy-to-use DIY platform. You can join us and see how easy it will be to create your ecommerce store .

Register Here:

About Builderfly

Builderfly is a compact ecommerce platform that empowers businesses with all the resources to establish one’s brand. With a DIY online store builder and mobile app builder, you will be able to design and launch your ecommerce store as well as m-commerce app.

Builderfly is focused on technological innovation, thus empowering you to leverage the power of AI by enabling sync between your store and mobile app.

Reach us:

Drop us a mail at

For Telephonic Inquiry- Toll Free: 1877–327–6143 (USA) | 1800–123–2403 (IN)

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