In Ecommerce What is Drop Surfing? — A Complete Guide

In the dropshipping world, you may have or have not heard of the term, but for sure, it is emerging as a wave between online business, which is called Drop Surfing.

Is this a new and better way than dropshipping? Can you make a profit out of this? What are the requirements to be a “surfer”? We are going to go through all of those in this article.

So without further ado, put your swimming suit on, and let’s find out about Drop Surfing Ecommerce and why it is so popular at making money for Ecommerce.

What is Drop Surfing?

Although there are many similarities, drop surfing comes a bit late after dropshipping. What’s more, with people utilizing the method, there are two definitions for drop surfing.

So we are going to look at both of the practices to see what they are:

Drop surfing suppliers.

With this version, you being the reseller looking to maximize your profit with many suppliers as possible.

Let’s say you are selling shoes in your online store. While a customer orders a pair of shoes, you will use your system or software to scan the pair on websites like eBay, AliExpress, Amazon to see which supplier has the best price.

Once you find it, you place the customer order of the pair of shoes with that vendor, which allows you to make the maximum money from the sale.

The better you can do this, the more money you can make from the increased margins on each order.

Simple math: If you can find an online supplier that provides the shoes with $20 cheaper than everyone else. If you sell 100 pairs in one month, you would have $2,000 more that month.

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