How to Reflect your Brand Personality in your Email: 6 Examples

How do you recognize a brand? By its logo, the tagline, the brand name, or its colors?

Bingo, if you said, all of the above!

Most people have an extremely cluttered inbox and for your brand to stand out, you’re going to have to combine eye-catching design with great email copy.

If you own an ecommerce business and use email as a marketing tool, then you need to reflect your brand’s personality in your emails. Your branding lies in the alignment of your text, the colors, the headers and footers, the typography and fonts you use, the way you write the copy, everything! Consistency is the key to creating a brand identity.

Here are some email marketing best practices from 6 popular ecommerce brands.

Typography and Vibrant Colors

Utilizing unique typography and colors will enable your brand to grab eyeballs. Use vibrant colors and creative fonts but ensure that it goes well with your brand’s personality. Once you choose the appropriate typefaces, use them consistently in all the emails you send.

Here are some tools and apps that make it easy:

  • Tiff: Tiff is a web app that lets you compare how different typefaces look and shows the differences between different fonts. This helps you in choosing the right font for your emails.
  • Fontroid: If you want to add a font of your own, then Fontroid is the right Android app for you. This app lets you add your own handwritten fonts, which can be further added to your emails in the form of images.
  • Fontest: This is a typography tool that lets you add fonts of your choice and preview them before adding it to your images or text.

Though these apps and tools let you experiment with your fonts and typefaces, make sure you add proper fallbacks to these fonts.

The brand Lego creates brilliant emails with stylish fonts and vibrant colors. The multi-colored images and typography reflect the youthfulness of the brand and maintain the brand’s identity.

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