How to Optimize your Product Pages to Boost Conversions: 5 Expert Tips

Did you know that US ecommerce sales reached 409 billion dollars in 2017? And they are expected to grow to a whopping amount of 638 billion dollars by 2022?

Though the ecommerce industry is seeing rapid growth, many brands struggle to boost their ecommerce conversions. Most of them focus on improving their carts and checkout pages to increase sales. But a majority of customers don’t even reach that point.

Many customers decide whether they want to buy your product or leave your store while they are on your product pages. So brands need to create high-converting ecommerce product pages.

No matter how well you market your brand, or how much traffic you get, you are not likely to get sales with poorly optimized product pages.

If you want to level up your product page game, check out five of these best ways to boost your product page conversions.

Use Impressive Product Photos

Would you trust a store that has not a good pictures their products?

Product photos can either attract your customers or turn them away. It’s often by looking at your product photos that your customers decide whether or not they should keep looking.

Use well-lit, high-quality images on your ecommerce product page. They must show your products the right way. Many ecommerce store owners prefer using a white or light-colored background for their product photos. Doing so can help you maintain consistency and emphasize your product.

Unlike retail stores, your customers can’t see, touch, feel, or try your products when they buy online. That’s why you should show your product from multiple angles. Nearly 33.16% of customers want to see different photos of a product before they buy it.

You can even include a 360-degree shot or a video that shows off all of the important features of your product.

Ecommerce Product Page Must Feature a Clear Call-to-Action

Another important factor that can help you boost ecommerce conversions is the call-to-action (CTA) on your ecommerce product pages. Make sure that each product page features a clear call-to-action.

If you want people to buy, you need to tell them to buy. That’s why it is important to have a clear CTA that tells shoppers what they should do next. Don’t try fancy CTAs. You can be direct with phrases such as “add to cart” or “buy now.”

Use a color that makes your CTA button highly visible on your product page.

Fashion brand, ASOS, uses prominent CTAs on their ecommerce product pages. They also allow customers to mark the items they like as a favorite.

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