How to Optimize all your Ecommerce Landing Pages?

Optimizing an ecommerce landing page is about providing the best user experience. The more, informative, efficient, and inclusive landing page, the higher will be the conversion rate. The average conversion rates for ecommerce websites is 2%. However, every website is different, and you can get more or fewer conversions based on your performance in the market. Landing pages help in boosting the conversion rates due to its tailored and conversion-centric user experience.

What is a landing page?

A landing page on an ecommerce website is a patented channel with the goal to convert the incoming traffic into a competent sale. Landing pages focus on conversions more than that of the size of the information provided.

As quoted by Tim Ash — the author of Landing Page Optimization:

“If the visitor can’t find something easily, it does not exist. If you emphasize too many items, all of them lose importance. Any delay increases frustration.”

Ecommerce landing pages help in driving traffic to your store and motivating them to continue engaging with your store and ultimately persuading them to make a purchase. Landing pages help in providing your potential customers with more relevant experience for the ultimate goal of converting them to your customers. Every customer is unique and requires different types of engagement and attention to be convinced of a purchase. Due to this reason, as store owners, you must cater to the unique requirements of each targeted customer by tailoring your store.

What is the need to create landing pages?

A landing page is simply known as a dedicated page that takes the visitors from and ad or searches to the next step in the process of sales. Store builders believe that creating landing pages help them bring in more customers. Usually, store owners consider adding some dedicated sales messages, coupons, and such that are tailored for a specific group of customers.

However, many customers find it a hindrance in the first page they view as they could be visiting your store with a specific product or purpose in mind. Landing pages eventually can turn out to be a wall between your products and your customers. Rather than building up this wall for your customers, you must consider simplifying the same for your customers. Your customers must find it easy to learn about your store and get interested to purchase products from your store.

You can do all these by optimizing your landing pages to meet their requirements. Optimizing the landing pages include improvising the product pages — the universal landing page in the ecommerce industry. However, in order to exactly know what is to be optimized, first, you’ll need to know what is popular.

How to find the existing landing pages?

If you have always added your sales messages and statements to your homepage, it is time that you know that your potential customers are not reading them. The major reason behind it is that you have not optimized the product pages which are the main point of entry in an online ecommerce store. However, you must not start with any optimization before you confirm your visitor’s requirements and activities in your online store. In Google Analytics, click on Behavior, Site Content, and Landing Pages. Click on the report, adjust the dates as per your preference, and you’ll have a list of the most overrun landing pages. The pages you see are the ones on which your visitors’ land from your marketing sources, links, search engines, and other websites. It is the first impression of your store, the products you sell, and your brand identity. With all these in mind, you must ask yourself whether you are providing your visitors and potential clients with the best possible experience.

If your answer is a ‘No’, do not panic, it is completely okay. Unless you have been running your online store for quite a while, you might not be aware of the volume of traffic you can potentially get from your landing pages rather than your homepage. So, once you have invested your valuable time and energy in grooming your homepage, it is time that you start thinking about focusing on the landing pages of your store. Before fiving into it, let us know ways to optimize the most prevailing landing pages — product page.

How to optimize the product pages?

When you check your Landing Pages report in Google Analytics, you may notice a few product pages at the top of your list. For the majority of online ecommerce stores, these pages shall be the first encounter of a potential customer with your store. The reason being, shoppers would not likely search for the stores they need. Instead, they search for the products they need. For instance, a customer would look for a blue western dress instead of searching for a western cloth store. No customer would prefer scrolling through an entire store when they can directly get what they want. This calls for the need for updating your look on the product pages. Rather than considering them a mere place to cache product information, you might now need to think of them as sales weapons. It’s the job of the product pages to make a strong first impression and persuade a potential buyer to purchase a product from your store. Here are a few ways by which you can optimize your product pages:

Let your customers learn about you from anywhere

When it comes to considering product pages as landing pages, you need to know that, it is the first introduction of your products, your company, and your brand value. You need to showcase the best images, blurb, and description. After all, you are not just selling your products; you are representing your brand. One of the best ways to optimize your product pages keeping in mind your new visitors and potential customers are to let them know about your store easily and quickly. No matter from where the visitor landed on the page to learn about your store, your core message must reveal the same information. Within a few seconds, the viewers must be able to learn about what is your brand about, who you are, and why are you better than the rest in the market. You can consider optimizing the product pages with the following tips:

  1. Using unique designs for each product page
  2. Using the same blurb in all the copies of the product
  3. Adding additional product images

You must know that these details must be essentially provided by you to your customers. Everything about your company or products that must be known by your viewers’ right from the product pages irrespective of the path used to reach there.

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