How to Get Free Instagram Followers for my Ecommerce Startup to Make it a Brand?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Whatsapp are all social media platforms. However, the way ecommerce related interactions occur among the people on such platforms are almost similar. If you are aiming to scale your brand in the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and you want something additional to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media is the answer. Even though you are selling unique products in your ecommerce store, if you are not visible to the audience or no one knows about you or your store, then eventually, no one is searching for you or your business.

Social Media platform gives you the ability to go where your potential customers spend their time, seize their attention, and let them know about your products, services, or business. Also, it empowers you to compete with the already existing ecommerce giants on a large scale. Social Media rightly should be an integral part of your businesses’ marketing strategy. In this blog, we will be discussing how you can get free Instagram followers for your ecommerce startup to make it a brand. Also, we will be learning about how to leverage Instagram to promote your brand and boost sales.

How does Instagram work?

Instagram is a stunning social media platform that lets you showcase your products, services, and business. Although Instagram is a huge social networking platform, not many are aware of it and its benefits. Instagram is a free social networking platform that focuses on sharing photographs and videos. Similar to other social media platforms, Instagram lets you follow the people or pages that you are interested in. This likes to create your Instagram feed on the homepage and shows you the recent posts from every page or person you follow. You can click on the like as well as comment on the posts you like.

Apart from posting normal photographs and videos that permanently stay on your Instagram feed until you delete them, you can upload stories on your Insta profile including photos and videos that will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Additionally, Instagram lets you directly communicate with anyone you wish to use Direct message or DM. To avail all these facilities, all you need to do is sign up and register yourself with Instagram!

How to get free Instagram followers for your ecommerce startup to make it a brand?

You might find tons of instructions and tips online to grab followers for your ecommerce startup using Instagram Social Media Platform. However, if you are a startup, there are chances that these may confuse you to come down to a conclusive solution. Studies report that Instagram has turned out to be one of the top platforms for major brands to engage with their potential customers. If you have already created an Instagram business page for your brand, but are not able to gather the audience as desired, you are at the right place. Following are a few ways by which you can get free Instagram followers for your ecommerce startup:

Ensure that your account in public

If you are a newbie to Instagram, there are chances that you won’t know this. In Instagram, you can create public as well as private accounts. If you create a public account, anyone who is not connected to you can find your account; however, with the private account, the number of public who can find you or view your account posts are restricted to the people you follow or the people who follow you and you accept their request. Since you are aiming to boost your ecommerce sales and make it a brand, you need to check whether your account is private or public. In case it is private, make sure that you change it to the public at the earliest.

Predefine your target audience

Before trying to reach out for random followers on Instagram, you must define your target audience. By defines the audience, we mean to know the age group of the targeted audience, their location, their occupation framework, their Instagram activity, and their likes & dislikes for purchasing online. With such predefined questions, you can rightly make your page customized for the targeted audience that falls under your required category who are most likely converting to become your loyal customers.

Create content for your targeted audience

Firstly, you must know what content is right for your business as well as your brand. You need to make sure that the content you create should not only be for Instagram but also what your targeted audience is looking for. In order to get genuine followers for your Instagram business page, you must create content that your audience is looking for. Since you have predefined your audience, you might very well know the content that they are most likely to interact. Use relevant images along with creating powerful and relatable content for your audience.

Upload high-quality images

Visual content is of great importance when it comes to Instagram. People look at the images first before reading the caption you give to that particular image. Due to this reason, it is significant that you garb the viewers’ attention right at the start using attractive and high-quality images. You must make sure that all the post you create in your ecommerce page in Instagram must entice the viewers (especially your targeted audience). Also, images have the potential to differentiate your brand or business against your competitors. The more enticing your images are along with the content, the more are the number of free Instagram followers you get.

Tag the products you sell

Social Media users bend towards the brands or businesses that provide them with an ease of use to shop. Including a call–to–action for the posts you create is a great way to add more followers to your Instagram page. Instagram lets you create a business page that lets you tag the products that are relevant to your post and make them sellable. By doing so, your potential customers can buy the products they like directly from their personal Instagram account without the trouble of registering with your ecommerce store.

Use the right hashtags

Similar to Twitter and other social networking platforms, Instagram users use relevant hashtags on the posts they create to make them visible to their targeted audience. However, using hashtags and using the right hashtags are different. Using hashtags can help you grab the attention of the audience that is searching for that particular hashtag, but using the right and popular hashtags can help you boost the number of views you get for your post which eventually brings in more customers. You must do in-depth research to find the relevant hashtags people are using in Instagram for searching the products or services you sell.

Make use of the Instagram Story Feature

Use Instagram’s feature to upload stories for introducing your business to the audience and boosting your sales. Simply introducing your business through photographs and videos on your Instagram feed may not be sufficient for your targeted customers. You must invest your time and efforts in introducing your business as well as your brand. Let your audience know your brand story and other essential information they rightly should know. You can use short video clips that give quick insights to your businesses for the curious customers out there browsing their Instagram feed.

How to leverage Instagram to promote your brand and boost sales?

Now that you know how to get free Instagram followers for your ecommerce startup to make it a brand, it is time that you know some tips to leverage Instagram to promote your brand and boost sales. Below are a few smart tips for you to follow:

Add your business link in the Instagram bio

The only way to get direct clicks on your ecommerce website on Instagram is to add your websites link in the bio. The link you add in the bio is clickable unlike any other place in your Instagram feed. Leverage this opportunity to direct the viewers to your online store, website, or your targeted page.

Offer promotions to your followers

Give away special promotions, bonuses, and offers to your Instagram followers. This can help grab the attention of your potential customers as well as keep them engaged in your brand. Using attractive and eye-catchy images for your announcements can level up the chances of grabbing the attention of your potential customers. Also, make sure to use the right hashtags!

Engage customers with contests

Researches show that Instagrammers love taking contests! Your loyal customers do deserve a reward. Decide what you are going to reward in order to convince a customer to participate in your contest. By conducting such contests, you can surely boost the number of followers as well as your sales. Make sure that you include all the necessary details of the contest in the post you create or the story you upload including the reward the winner will receive. The reward you choose should be compelling enough for the customers to participate in the contest.

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