How to Develop and Code my Own Ecommerce Website? — A Guide

At present, ecommerce is one of the best blossoming business opportunities compared to the numerous ideas competing regularly in the market.

With all due credits to social media channels, networking grew to the next level. That’s why conducting an online business is not that hard. Building trust in the market, gaining recognition as a brand, and establishing the value of worth buying doesn’t come that easy. You have to walk the extra mile and make some outstanding efforts to gain these values.

The idea of creation of your ecommerce website can be accounted for as one of the major steps in gaining this accreditation. You can take this baby step in a variety of ways. You can hire a developer, outsource the web development task to any professional IT company, or even start on your own. The established businesses can easily count on these ideas, as they don’t have to worry about the overhead charges and cost of development, but it’s tricky for small business owners.

How Can You Create Your Ecommerce Store On Own?

In contrast to the old times, you can now start this journey of creating an ecommerce store on your own. You need not worry about those lengthy codes to be written from scratch, as we have the solution ready for you. To build and design your ecommerce website, you can rely on online store builder websites and ecommerce platforms. Both of these will make it easier to build your store and launch without any hassles.

Before opting for either of the two options, you must know the similarities and differences between them.

How Online Store Builder Differs From Ecommerce Platforms?

When online store builders are known to help you build your ecommerce website and manage inventory, orders, and payment only, ecommerce platforms help you with advanced functionalities. In addition to store personalization, they let you host your site, manage customer details, integrate sales channels, handle sales & marketing of your business, and give third-party software more functionalities.

The features of the ecommerce platform will depend upon the selection of the business plan as well as the type of platform that you chose. Though there are numeorus ecommerce platforms out there, comparative analysis between leading ones can help you make the right decision. When you are taking care of all frontiers of your business single-handedly, an ecommerce platform will surely be the right choice for you.

How Can Builderfly Help You Design Your Dream Store?

Builderfly is the robust ecommerce platform that supports your idea of establishing your dream business from scratch. It empowers you with an online store builder as well as a mobile app builder and access to the countless features for your store. Builderfly stands out with its AI-powered mobile app that can help you take your commerce experience to the next level.

Designing your e-commerce store with Buidlerfly is extremely easy. You have to register your business, feed basic details, choose the industry to get your store ready within 10 minutes. From your user dashboard, you can navigate to the ‘manage store’ section and check for store customization options.

  • Select the right theme for your store: When you sign up on Builderfly to build your store, you get free access to the Builderfly theme store. You can check with our collection of free as well as paid themes and select the one that saturates with your business niche. You will get access to all features of that theme. By checking their appropriate demo versions and theme descriptions, you can choose your theme.
  • Section-based templates: Customize each section of your store with our ready-to-implement themes. You can choose the best look and renovate each of your web pages with any of these templates. You will get access to 5–10 templates for each of these sections, thus, giving you enough room for personalization of your ecommerce store.
  • Update image gallery: Builderfly gives you access to images depending on your target business; you can use them to get your store ready within minutes. Further, you can personalize your store, adding the media elements of your choice. Scaling the image, adding an overlay will not be a biggie, as these will be provided as the banner functionalities.
  • Back-end management: From catalog management to updating marketing settings and customer groupoings and managing your customer data, everything can be easily managed from the backend of your store.
  • Sales channel integration: You can link your sales to your builderfly store and directly sell on social channels without updating inventory individually. With your basic plan, you can start selling on the Google marketplace and Facebook. Further, you can increase your horizon and link your Amazon, Instagram, and Flipkart to improvise the reach of your business. This will reduce your burden and streamline your order processing.

How Can You Code Your Ecommerce Store?

We know that you are starting from scratch, and you may or may not have ideas about technicalities. Builderfly is a DIY ecommerce platform that’s dedicated to offering a smooth experience to newbies and technically sound business minds. We don’t want to restrict your creativity. Thus, if you’re going to tweak the code and make things work in your fashion, you can do so. For every section of your ecommerce store, you will get access to the design editor tool and code editor.

In the code editor section, the basic code of existing functionality will be available by default. If you want to change or update it, you can do that easily. With the basic HTML/CSS coding tricks, you can refine the look of your store.

Even if you don’t know anything and still like to try making certain changes, you can Google it and implement them to make things work. This can surely be an inspiration for you to learn the basic coding tricks and checking the live response of the same.

That’s not the only thing; there are many more features and functionalities that can be favorable for your business. Register yourself for free with your 14-days free and try your hands-on all the ecommerce functionalities. To discuss anything more, you can write to us at

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