How to Change Fonts, Background Color, and Images in Builderfly?

Builderfly is a revolutionary online store and mobile app builder with the powerful use of Artificial Intelligence. Any individual can create a completely customizable online store and a personalized native mobile app using the power of AI without being a technical expert. Builderfly customers can design their store their way and focus on selling their products to the maximum customers.

It is a complete DIY platform that lets you design your store as well as your app with the utmost ease. Without being a tech-slick, you can create your store and app and sell your products online. All you have to do is design, list products, and sell. When it comes to designing, you might consider it to be a tedious task. However, here, it is a fun task by changing the fonts, background colors, as well as images and experimenting with the look of your web store and app front.

The 14-days free trial of Builderfly is specially crafted for customers to experiment and explore the extensive features offered by Builderfly. Until you connect your domain, your store is not live to your customers. There are four plans offered in Builderfly viz. Startup Plan — specially designed for startup businesses, Standard Plan — for small businesses, Advance Plan — for medium businesses, and Pro Plan — for well-established businesses. Every plan is set with a sales bar which when crossed; you need to upgrade your plan to a higher one.

Why should you customize your online store?

Customization of online stores and mobile apps helps in personalizing the online store and defining your brand. Builderfly gives the complete power of customization to its user. Moreover, you have the option to edit the codes in case you are well-versed with coding and HTML. Following are a few benefits of customizing your online store and mobile app:

  • It improves the conversion rates and hence increases online sales. Researchers have found that targeted content grabs more customer attention as compared to the other. Customization helps you target your customers by learning their online shopping behavior.
  • As the customers find more relatable products to be purchased along with the one of their choice, it increases the average order rates. Personalization helps in offering product recommendations that can easily lure your customer to purchase more products from your store.
  • Customers shall spend more time on your online store when they find relevant content of their interest. When your viewers search for a product, they can easily be drawn into other products you have in the house that can be of interest.
  • It improves the customer experience by delighting the customer by providing them with what they are looking for and more. Your customer-centric customization can appeal to your viewers to like your store and recommend it to their near ones.
  • You can differentiate your online store from the rest in the market by adding the touch of your brand to your store. Your viewers must get benefit from using your online store which instead will bring in more customers to your store.

How to change the font, background color, and images in Builderfly?

Customization of your Builderfly online store is simple and a quick procedure. Below are a few steps by which you can do the same:

  • Log in to your Builderfly store and click on ‘Manage store’
  • A new page will open wherein you need to click on ‘Customize Store’

Change Font

  • In every section, you’ll find a settings icon. Bring the cursor on the icon and click on the settings
  • In each slide, when you click on the drop-down, you’ll see sample texts for the title as well as the description. Click on the text where you wish to change the font.
  • A popup will be shown from where you can change the font of the selection region

Change background-color

  • In the ‘Theme’ section of the navigation bar, click on ‘Color’
  • A color pallet will be shown from wherein you can choose the color you wish for your theme background
  • You can choose to show or hide the background as well as upload and select images, videos, and colors to the background

Change images

  • Click on the settings icon at the bottom of the slide section where you wish to change the image
  • A pop-up window shall be displayed from where you can change the background image as well as media images of the section
  • Along with the option to change each image, you’ll find a settings section that lets you edit each image you upload

Moreover, Builderfly offers a unique theme marketplace from where you get free and paid images to be used in various sections of your Builderfly store. Similar to the customization of the Builderfly store, you have the power to customize your mobile app in Builderfly to differentiate it from your storefront — all from a single dashboard.

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