How to Build an Online Hardware Store Using Builderfly Platform?

Beginning a hardware shop may appear to be overwhelming these days. A hardware shop regularly sells power and hand tools, building materials, locks, keys, electrical supplies, paint, pivots, chains, plumbing supplies, cleaning items, utensils, and housewares. They’re intended for DIY shoppers and jacks of all trades who need a spot to source supplies for ventures. What precisely does it take to begin an online business? A touch of learning, a touch of beginning capital and a solid will to succeed is all you truly need to get off on the correct foot. You have discovered the ideal business thought, and now you are prepared to make the following stride. There is a whole other world to beginning a business than simply enlisting it with the state. We have assembled this straightforward guide for beginning your hardware shop. These means will guarantee that your new business is very much arranged out, enrolled appropriately and legitimately consistent.

How can Builderfly help in building an online hardware store?

Regardless of whether you’re simply beginning or are already running a physical hardware shop, Builderfly makes it simple to sell all of your hardware items on the web. The arrangement is a breeze, and with our specialized help accessible at no charge day in and day out/365, you never need to stress that you are alone. Builderfly will be there for you consistently. Builderfly being the fastest growing ecommerce platform is escalating in the market giving head-on competition to the like. The unique concept of offering a fully functional native mobile app along with an online store is what lets it apart from the rest.

Unlike other SaaS providers, Builderfly hands over the complete power of customization to its customers. One can separately design a storefront and mobile app as per their preferences. Moreover, the user can easily glide through the process of creating a store and building a mobile app without being a technical guru. The customer-centric approach focuses on providing the best facilities to the users without any hassles. The dedicated support team is available round the clock to guide the user through any technical or non-technical hurdles. Builderfly is a do-it-yourself platform for individuals, retailers, manufacturers and everyone who wishes to sell products online You can create an online store, add products, choose templates, upload pictures, process orders, create pages, offer discount coupons, build powerful mobile application, sell everything online at one platform, get tips to grow business, and manage the online store.

How to build an online hardware store with Builderfly?

You can create a gorgeous online hardware store for higher selling of your products with Builderfly in 5 quick steps, they are:

Step 1 — Sign up

With a few details and a unique store name, you can sign up with Builderfly and give a kick start to your online hardware business. Your store name is secure for a lifetime; once created, no one can ever use your it to create another store. Herein, you will need:

  1. A valid email address or valid phone number
  2. Unique store name that can be alphanumeric

Tip: Make use of the 14-days free trial!

Step 2 — Manage Store

Builderfly entitles you with the power to manage your hardware store simply. You can follow the step — by — step procedure to manage your store without any hassles. The backend of your store, as well as the mobile application, can be managed from one place without any technical support.

Here, you shall need:

  1. Product — Add single product for sale or add products in bulk in a blink of an eye
  2. Sales — Manage your entire sales at one place
  3. Order Management — Manage all the orders you receive at one platform
  4. Shipment — Set default shipment method or request for additional shipment methods
  5. Customer Management — Know your customer behaviour for personalized selling
  6. SEO Management — Know easy–to–use SEO tactics and use them to build web traffic to your store

Step 3 — Customize the layout

Every entrepreneur wishes a website that stands out from the crowd. Builderfly understands that and so they have given the power of customization to their valuable customers. You can customize your store with many lucrative ready-to-use templates, background images, banners, and much more. You can also upload them as per your convenience.

Herein, you will need to:

  1. Choose Template — Choose the template for each section of the store as well as the app
  2. Change colour — Choose the colour for each text from the colour pallet
  3. Change Image — Select an image from Builderfly or your gallery
  4. Manage content — Learn how to optimize content to increase web traffic
  5. Add a new page — Add new page for including more details in your store
  6. Add new section — Add a new section to enhance your storefront
  7. Manage Social Media — Manage all your social media handles — all at one place

Step 4 — Set up the domain

If you have a domain of your store, you can easily connect to it with Builderfly. However, you need to make sure that you subscribe with Builderfly in order to avail this facility. You can also remove or add a new domain in the later stages as per the requirement.

You shall need:

  1. Unique business name — connect your unique business name and let your brand stand out

Step 5 — Activate your payment processor

Although we have integrated with major payment gateways, you can activate the payment processor of your choice. However, if you wish to add a new payment gateway, you need to intimate about the same to Builderfly. Your request shall be processed and executed within a short period.

You will need to:

  1. Integrate Offline and Online Payment Method — Employ Paytm, PayPal, Razorpay, and to manage payments

How to Create a Personal Mobile Application for your Hardware Store with Builderfly?

Step 1 — Build an app with the power of AI

All the details that are entered and saved in your storefront automatically reflect in your native mobile application. However, you can always differentiate your mobile application with different themes, colours, templates, and many more customizable options.

Step 2 — Customize the layout of the mobile app

If you wish to differentiate your mobile application, you can edit the layout of your mobile application right from the dashboard of your app front. Any changes you make need to be saved in order to be applicable.

Step 3 — Publish the app

Be it iOS, be it Android, with Builderfly, you can generate build as well as directly publish if you already have a build. As soon as the build is generated, your application can be viewed from your respective mobile phone.

Step-by-step procedure to create a hardware store with Builderfly

Stage 1: General Information

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button.
  3. In the ‘Sign Up’ page, provide the following details:
  4. Valid email address
  5. Password
  6. Store name
  7. Valid phone number

Enter the verification code received on the registered mail ID

Stage 2: Selection of Industry

  1. Choose the industry based on the products you wish to sell

Stage 3: Personal Information

  1. Provide the first name and last name in the respective columns
  2. Provide the store address
  3. Select the country
  4. Choose the state
  5. Select the city
  6. Provide the zip code
  7. Click on the checkout box to subscribe with Builderfly and you will be notified for all upcoming newsletters and tutorial.
  8. Checkout the privacy policy and terms of services and click on the checkout box.

How to integrate Facebook with your Builderfly hardware store?

Below is the procedure to be followed to sell on Facebook Shop through your Builderfly ecommerce store:

  1. Log on to your Builderfly store using your user name/ store name.
  2. Click on the ‘Manage Store’ section.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the ‘Sell Everywhere’ tab in the ‘Navigation Bar’ (You can sell on Facebook as well as Google from here).
  4. Click on the Facebook option.
  5. Next, you need to click on the ‘Get Started’ button. You will be redirected to the Facebook page.
  6. Enter your login ID and password (You need to make sure that you have set up a Facebook Business Page).

Creating Facebook Shop Tab

  1. Choose the Shop tab on your Facebook Business Page. In case are not able to see the Shop tab, you must change the template to a shopping template.
  2. You need to fill all the required details and follow the instructions provided on the Facebook page. Once done, you must click on the ‘Finish’ button.
  3. After logging in, you’ll notice that the Facebook Shop page is open in front of you. Here are the options provided on the page:
  4. Click on the select icon beside the Welcome tab. Here, you need to directly click on the ‘Next’ button.
  5. Next, you need to create your Facebook Page that represents your business by clicking on the ‘Create a Page’ button. You need to choose a page category, enter the Page name, the business category, the address of your store, and the pin code of the same. Once done, click on the ‘Create Page’ button and then on the ‘Next’ button. One way to sell products on your Facebook page is by clicking on the ‘Tag Products’ option whenever you post on your page.
  6. The next step is to install the Facebook Pixel. It is to track the actions that are taken on your website by people, build your audience, based on their shopping interests, and make sure to get results from your ads. Here, you do not need to manually install the pixel. Instead, the Facebook Shop does that part.

Once you have completed these procedures, Builderfly automatically uploads your product catalogue to your Facebook Page after you confirm the same. However, you can choose to upload your products on Page shop. Click on the ‘Finish;’ button after you have chosen your option.

How to integrate Google with your Builderfly store?

Below is the procedure to be followed to sell on Google Shopping through your Builderfly ecommerce store:

  1. Log on to your Builderfly store using your user name/ store name.
  2. Click on the ‘Manage Store’ section.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the ‘Sell Everywhere’ tab in the ‘Navigation Bar’ (You can sell on Google as well as Facebook from here).
  4. Click on the Google option.
  5. In the ‘Configuration’ section, enter your registered account ID (email address) and the Google developer project email
  6. Enable or disable to Use service account
  7. Update Google Shopping Item when Product is Updated
  8. Choose to enable or disable the option to remove disabled items
  9. Enable or disable the Debug mode
  10. Select the Target Country
  11. Choose the Target Language
  12. Choose to renew not listed items
  13. Enter Google Developer Project Client ID
  14. Enter Google Developer Project Client Secret Key
  15. In the Manage Attributes section, you can manage the attributes of the products to be added.
  16. In the Manage Items section, you can manage the items to be sold on the Google
  17. In the Log section, you can view the log of your Google shopping

Steps to find the Google client ID and secret key:

  1. Visit the Google Developers Console.
  2. Explore the ‘Credentials’ tab.
  3. Select a task
  4. Choose a New Project
  5. Click on the ‘Create’ button.
  6. Explore the ‘OAuth consent screen’ tab.
  7. Enter the Application name,
  8. Enter the Authorized domain
  9. Click on the ‘Save’ button.
  10. Click on the ‘Create Credentials’ button
  11. From the dropdown list, select OAuth customer ID.
  12. From the Application type, select the Web application,
  13. Enter Authorized JavaScript origins
  14. Click on the ‘Create’ button
  15. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret.

With these steps, you can be rest assured that your hardware store will flourish leaps and bounds with Builderfly.

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