How to Build an Effective Buyer Persona Strategy for your Online Store

Is your marketing connecting with your customers? Are you treating them like genuine, live people and not simply order numbers? If you’re just working with customer data — returns, orders, etc. — you aren’t doing as much as you could to guarantee that you’re making that human connection. To create truly effective marketing strategies, you need buyer personas.

What is a buyer persona?

Buyer personas are fictional representations of your potential customers. Well-crafted personas are beyond what cardboard cutouts you can throw darts at. Indeed, you need basic data that gives them a shape, however, there’s other information you need to gather that brings them to life and identify one persona from another.

What kind of data do I need and where do I find it?

Start with the data you already have about your existing consumers: e.g. gender, age, race, income, their job, where they live, who/what sort of company they work for, and so on.

Whatever data you’re missing, use progressive profiling to gather more demographic information here and there.

Then, discover customers’ beliefs, lifestyles, opinions, attitudes, interests, values, and motivations — everything that makes up their psychographics. The most ideal way is to study their actual behavior. The following are the leading ways to collect additional customer behavior and lifestyle data:

  • Monitor social media. What do they share? What do they like? Who are their friends? Simply make sure to recognize and account for its limitations as a research source.
  • Study what customers do on your website. Using the correct software, like Google Analytics, you ought to have the option to see what they’re watching, reading, and doing. You can analyze their discovery path, which pages or links cause them to leave the most, what links they click on, what data they download, where they leave comments on products and what they say.
  • Ask your customers. Utilize surveys, in-person focus groups, polls, and even webinars to check how they feel about specific topics, ideas and more.

What questions should I ask?

Not sure what to ask your customers? Don’t worry about it. Here are some ideas to help kick you off.

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