How do Ecommerce Businesses Use Pinterest?

Organic business reach is the game of attracting users to your site without actually paying anything more than time and quality content. The more traffic you will be able to drive to your website without any expenses for Facebook or Google ads, the better outcome it will bring to your store. Social media can also drive traffic for little to no cost if you use it strategically. With 200 million + monthly users, Pinterest has become a new source of soon-to-be-customers looking for the upcoming craft project, health, or beauty tips.

Moreover, industries that work along with the most popular Pinterest categories and could take advantage the most from it fall under hobby and craft groups. Drinks, gifts, and clothing companies can check on Pinterest to promote their business.

From the overall U.S, more than 72% of U.S. women aged between 25 to 54 are using Pinterest. So what are some different ways you can tap into Pinterest’s user base and increase your store’s traffic?

Best ways ecommerce store to use Pinterest:

Create Boards Based On Your Product Categories

Pinterest users are a big fan of brands as they produce and design virtual bulletin boards. Brands can showcase and promote their Pinterest account by creating a board for each product category they sell or desire to sell. For instance, if you’re selling toys, you can create a board for each toy type or may create a board for the “most trending toys.” This will demand users and potential customers of all different categories to easily follow and share the boards with their friends and family.

Use Pinterest offered features in the best way

To easily allow your users to find your account, you can add the hover “Pin it” button on the top of the images of your items on your store.

You can also utilize some explicit Pins such as Buyable Pins, Rich Pins, and Promoted Pins to boost the branding of your page on Pinterest.

What is unique to Pinterest is that it is a very successful and useful visual platform for ecommerce brands. If you arrange your Pinterest boards strategically and in the best visual pleasing way, then you can drive massive traffic to your store. Keep the name of your board under 20 characters, as a recommended practice.

To get more referral traffic, you can link back your Pinterest pins to your ecommerce store.

Create more group boards and share it with others to contribute to the boards.

Increase Reach Through Group Boards

If you already own a Pinterest account and are tired of not getting new followers and pins, maybe you need to move into the direction where your actual users are heading. One of the best ways is group boards, as it is a great place to share your content and get lots of followers. You just require to follow group boards that match with your brand and vision. Start sharing the content with a larger pool of audiences.

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