Google Shopping Integration with Builderfly

Promote your business on Google — A marketplace for everyone

Grow your business with Google retail

Link your estore

Builderfly lets your online store link with Google Merchant Account so that you can easily manage your sales from a single dashboard without any hassles.


When you build your online store with Builderfly, you need to add your products to sell only once. With the fine integration of Google marketplace, you can directly integrate your catalog to Google.

Win mobile shoppers

Builderfly gives the best experience to mobile shoppers by providing you with a native mobile application. You can create a unique mobile app for your potential customers and market it on Google ads using Builderfly.

Make use of Google analytics

Google Analytics users can add a custom segment for hits from the Google merchant center. It allows your stats to be kept separate from the rest.

Do not pay for the clicks

With Builderfly, you shall not need to pay for every click you get for your store. Instead, you need to pay only for the audience who are willing to convert to your customers.

Optimize your shopping campaigns

Keep a track of your sales that are acquired from Google ad campaigns on Builderfly. Optimize your shopping campaigns to gain the best results and easily manage them using Google Adwords.

Builderfly is the best Ecommerce platform to build an online store for web and mobile. I work as Business Development Executive at

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