Ecommerce Platforms Comparison: Wix vs. Builderfly in 2020

If you are a rising business rockstar who is aiming to make millions through the retail business or the point of sale, be smart, and take a tool to gather your online presence.

Believe us; a professional website can make a lot of difference in your interaction with your customers as a brand than as an individual. When a well-designed website is like an identity card for your business, it adds an equal level of pressure. From designing your store to catalog management and research on plugins for additional functionalities, there is a lot to select, to enrich your e-commerce experience.

But, you need not need to worry now!

Luckily some e-commerce web service providers heard your business needs and came up with a convenient and trouble-free e-commerce store builder to ease your store designing experience.

Talking about the e-commerce website builder, Wix is known in the market. Builderfly is an ecommerce platform with the features that can also make you think twice before taking any decision. If you want to choose either of them, you must know the similarities and their differentiating points.

What is the utility of Builderfly and Wix?

Builderfly is a dedicated e-commerce platform that enables you to grow your e-commerce business with zero technical knowledge. From building a store to order fulfillment and management of other sales channels, Builderfly is there to assist you at every stage of business.

Wix is a complimentary website builder available for individuals as well as businesses. However, when you want to customize it by linking your existing website domain or purchasing a new one, you need to pay for the services.

Head to head comparison: Wix vs Builderfly

FeaturesBuilderflyWixThemesUnlimited Free themesLimited Free themesCloud hostingYesYesDomain connectYesYesStorage spaceUnlimited500 MB RAM+10GBFree SSL certificateYesYesCustom SSLFor advance plansNoProduct ListingsUnlimitedUnlimitedBlogYesYesTransaction feeZEROZERONative M-commerce appInbuilt AI-driven native mobile appNot availableMulti-channel SellingYesNoStaff AccountsUnlimitedNoAbandoned Cart RecoveryYesNoProduct Rating & ReviewsAvailable for all plansNoThird-party calculated shipping ratesYesNoCustomer ManagementYesNoProfessional reportsYesNoAccount setup feeIncludedNo24/7 Live SupportYesYesPremium account servicesFor Pro & custom plan users onlyFor custom plan users only

Differentiating points between Builderfly & Wix:

1. Pricing Plans:

Opening an ecommerce store is easy, but maintaining the business over the long run can be tricky.

Builderfly has a pricing plan designed to suit the business requirements of businesses of varying stages. Builderfly startup is to support the new business ventures. After sign-up, with the activation charges, you can claim lifetime free access to your store. The startup plan will arm you with all the necessary tools and features that can ease the business conduction. As per scalability, you can count on standard, advanced, and pro plans to expand your business. These will be the subscription-based plans, starting from $35/month. You can upgrade as per your needs. Your subscription plan gives you access to the mobile app builder, thus, improving the chances of growing your reach.

Wix offers a single pricing plan that starts at INR29/month. It is the most affordable idea for Indian entrepreneurs to start their ecommerce store. However, Wix is an online store builder, and it doesn’t give opportunities to scale your businesses. You can look for the app integration and third-party tools to add functionalities, but there can be compatibility issues.

2. Themes:

We know that you want to offer an exclusive experience to your customers with an all-time engaging website theme.

Wix and Builderfly both stand an equal chance to let you choose the website theme from the pre-designed professional themes. From the Builderfly theme store, you can filter the themes specific to your business niche. By selecting an appropriate theme for your store, you can share the story of your business in your own way. This will help you connect with your customers in a better way.

WIX has all the themes listed based on its popularity index. You can customize these themes and add a personal touch to your store. It keeps you from the hard work of distinguishing and selecting the theme for your business.

3. Storage:

When you are just getting started, probably you ain’t much worried about the storage required for your website at the server. As you add more media elements to your store, the loading speed may get affected, and then you will understand the importance of loading speed.

Builderfly gives you access to unlimited storage space on the server. With unlimited resources, you will be able to manage the content and media of your store more easily. Thus, the speed of your online store will not be affected anyway, and you will be able to give flawless experience to your customers.

As a Wix user, you will get 10 GB space for your paid plan. This can be lesser for your store, as you add more products to your inventory. By now, there is no set plan to add more storage space to your cart; you need to contact the team for customized services.

4. Store Customization:

With so many businesses online, there are chances that you will be lost in the ocean of businesses. To thrive in this race, you need to look for ideas that can help you personalize your business.

Wix has templates for different pages of your website. By accessing the Wix design editor, you can choose a suitable template for your store and add a personal touch. With the drag and drop tool, you and ADI, you can customize your store differently as we have already mentioned that Wix is the basic website building platform. Hence, it doesn’t offer any advanced customization options.

Whereas, Builderfly enables easy customization options for each section of your web page. From adding the rich media to changing the CSS and HTML codes, you can do it all. If you want to add different display sections, even in the middle of the themes, you are free to do it.

Do you want certain e-commerce functionalities out of your reach? Well, you can do that too, by hiring a Builderfly expert or other e-commerce web developer.

5. Sales channel integration:

If you are already selling online over the existing e-commerce sites like eBay, Google, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. you need to keep checking your daily sales. According to the orders, you have to manage your daily inventory and download the invoices individually. Builderfly offers the sales channel integration as the basic functionality and enables you to manage your orders via a single dashboard.

As a Wix user, there is no such option available for you. You may take the help of add-ons for that. However, you need to check the compatibility of third-party tools and software for integration.

6. Support:

Even when you have access to resources like the user guide or setup video tutorial, there can be another instance when you need technical assistance; the support team helps you streamline your business.

Builderfly offers you 24/7 support via chat, phone call, email, and forum. So, you can reach the team and get your queries solved in real-time. Also, you can share your queries in the Builderfly community and add more people to your business network.

Wix offers you email support only. As a paid user, you will be getting premium support from the team.

7. M-commerce app:

When the majority of people love to shop from mobile apps, you must not miss a chance to gather your mobile users. Builderfly’s app builder offers you the chance to design a mobile app without any extra charges or any developmental cost. With an intuitive mobile app builder, you can design and publish a mobile app on your own.

Wix is only a website builder, and it doesn’t let you create any mobile application for your business.

We gave you a brief about the major differentiating features where Builderfly and Wix. If you want to dive in deeper, start your 14-days free trial and explore it on your own. For any concerns, you can write to us at

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