Do you Need an Ecommerce Website for your Online Store?

When choosing where to sell products on the web, numerous sellers pick between selling on a marketplace and making their site. While every alternative has its own set of merits and demerits and there is no one-size-fits-all set that works splendidly for everybody. However, we believe that organizations that are genuine about ecommerce must have their site. Truly, marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Etsy, and eBay are great for selling products online. However, there are plenty of limitations to the same. Right now, with the developing fame of the net and innovative technologies, it is a lot faster and simpler to purchase and sell online now than at any other time. Web clients are never again constrained to sitting at PCs to look into or send messages. Individuals are currently utilizing their PCs, tablets and even cell phones to accomplish more things including making buys and in any event, selling products employing the Internet. Individuals would now be able to appreciate shopping and in any event, maintaining their own business from the solace of their own homes. There are numerous merits of selling products on the web. You can get access to a bigger number of clients than a conventional physical shop, sell consistently throughout the day, and cease from building a physical storefront.

Nevertheless, “on the web” is exceptionally broad. There appear to be boundless ecommerce alternatives, with new websites springing up constantly. Picking the best spot for your business to sell products online can be an overwhelming work. A few sellers hope to begin on either a marketplace or by building their site. We should characterize what we mean by each:

Marketplace: An external site that incorporates product listings from numerous vendors across product classes. For instance: Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and Etsy.

Ecommerce Website: An autonomous ecommerce site that a dealer runs, where purchasers buy products straightforwardly from the site having that belongs to the business. Many are constructed utilizing ecommerce platforms like Builderfly.

Difference between marketplaces and ecommerce websites

The fundamental contrasts among marketplaces and ecommerce websites are basic; however, truly rely upon who you are and what you are selling. Marketplaces will make a great number of visitors accessible to you, however, you’ll additionally be battling with a huge number of vendors to be seen. An ecommerce site is an approach to separate yourself, yet you’ll have to invest genuine exertion to increase traffic and drive deals.

Merits of selling on a marketplace

  1. It has a huge customer base due to which you do not have to create fresh demand for your product.
  2. You can avail reduced marketing costs as compared to other sales channels
  3. It is convenient for comparing prices and products from a single platform for customers
  4. It offers overseas sales
  5. Trusted marketplaces build trust between you and your customer
  6. It is easy to maintain

Demerits of selling on a marketplace

Although you might think that selling on marketplaces is a convenient option, there are demerits for the same, they are:

  1. Customers may not even realize that you exist
  2. There are tons of competing brands in the same place
  3. It charges a commission for each sale done of which the rate may vary among different marketplaces
  4. It could impose restrictive terms and conditions
  5. You may receive a lower profit margin
  6. The buyers you purchase your products are not your customers
  7. You cannot create a customer list to market your brand due to lack of customer data
  8. You cannot customize your online store
  9. You cannot expect customer loyalty after selling on a marketplace

Reasons to use an ecommerce website to sell online

There are a lot of reasons to make and sell on an ecommerce site.

Worldwide Market

Having an ecommerce site planned will offer you the chance to connect and offer your products and services to clients around the globe, paying little heed to the distance and time zone.

Draw in New Customers with Search

The prompt value addition of your site is pulling in new clients. With ecommerce sites, this is done through a procedure called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the way toward influencing the online appearance of a site or a website page in a search engine’s unpaid results. Research shows that most customers are utilizing search engines before they choose to purchase. This implies that in case you are not appearing in search engine results you are deterring yourself from the essential way purchasers shop. Appearing in query products has an astonishing value for a business, and having an ecommerce site is the initial step to the results. To show up in these results, you must have an online location. When you have your ecommerce ready for action, there are some low-exertion strategies you can execute to permit your site to rank profoundly for keywords and expressions related to your business and its products.

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