Caption Matters: How to write engaging Instagram captions for online stores

Include a Call-to-Action

People love Instagram. From filters and fanatical influencers to an endless ocean of puppies and food blogs, Instagram is the perfect place to see and be seen. In fact, so many users interact with brands on Instagramthan on any other online social media platform, including Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

At the same time, content overload is a very real danger for ecommerce businesses. To be successful, we need to make sure our content is going to the right people at the right time with the right message. Furthermore, learning to craft a great caption is a good place to start.

A well-written Instagram caption can be a powerful thing. Good captions drive comments, and more comments mean more audience from Instagram’s algorithm. The more your followers engage with your caption and your post, the more Instagram will promote your post to its users.

Look at our Instagram caption tips to learn how to write short, perfect, and informative Instagram captions that connect with your followers.

Things to remember before you begin:

  • Captions are constrained to 2,200 characters
  • You can include up to 30 hashtags
  • Text previews are edited to the first two lines in the Instagram application.

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