What are the Features of a Magento Ecommerce Website?
What are the Features of a Magento Ecommerce Website?

The ecommerce websites developed using the Magento platform are called Magento ecommerce websites. The Magento development platform offers complete ecommerce business solutions. All modern features of an ecommerce website should have been included in the platform. Magento developers can customize the platform as and when needed to meet the business requirement. The modern ecommerce platform is equipped with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). The platform has many modules and extensions to meet the ecommerce business requirements. These can be customized and new ones can be added easily by the ecommerce developers. …

Why PHP Programming is Popular Among Developers Across the Globe?
Why PHP Programming is Popular Among Developers Across the Globe?

Hypertext Pre-Processor or PHP is a programming language using which developers are building various application software to use on various devices. PHP is more popular for web solutions and backend solutions. Software developers build various desktop-based stand-alone solutions using PHP programming. Usually, PHP is used together with MySQL database and Apache web server on Linux OS. This combination of technologies is popularly known as LAMP. It is free to use and most have default installation on Linux servers. PHP has evolved with contributions from the huge community present worldwide. …

What are the Advantages of Magento eCommerce Platform?
What are the Advantages of Magento eCommerce Platform?

Magento is a store development platform for online businesses. It is easier to build an eCommerce website using this platform. Choose a theme as per the industry requirement and customize. The customization tools provided in the Magento platform are easy-to-use and it has the completeness as per the business requirements. It is a self-hosted eCommerce platform. The huge online Magento community support is available as and when needed. The community edition is free to use, unlike the enterprise edition. Magento company offers support services in enterprise edition. These friendly features have made the Magento platform popular across the globe.

Following are the advantages of eCommerce development on the Magento platform:


Zaptech Solutions Reviews: Why to Hire Zaptech Solutions for Custom Education Software Solutions?
Zaptech Solutions Reviews: Why to Hire Zaptech Solutions for Custom Education Software Solutions?

Zaptech Solutions is a software consulting and development company with offices in the USA and India. It offers custom software solutions for the education industry together with other industries. It offers complete software solutions for desktop applications, web applications, and mobile applications. Clients across the globe reach to it for complete solutions or even at times for partial solutions. It also offers branding solutions to startups whenever required. The software company has the completeness in which contemporary companies lag. It has a specialization in software development for the education sector.

Following are the common education software demands nowadays:

l Online Learning Solutions — eLearning is becoming more popular…

Hire best Magento development company
Hire best Magento development company

Magento is an eCommerce store development platform build using PHP & MySQL technologies. This is open-source and can be customized by a developer at the core. It is regarded as a developer-friendly platform by eCommerce developers across the globe. Magento was founded way back year 2008 and is now owned by Adobe. Hiring a Magento store development company is tricky nowadays. Almost every company in the world claims they are having the best developers so they should be hired. Picking the most suitable company as per the requirement among them is a gruesome task.

Following features offered by the Magento platform make it distinguished:

a. Simple WYSIWYG editor

b. Responsive…

Why to Choose Magento eCommerce Platform for your Online Store Development?
Why to Choose Magento eCommerce Platform for your Online Store Development?

The process of building online store website using Magento platform is called Magento ecommerce development. It is a CMS which allows developers to choose a store theme as per the industry requirement and apply it. The theme customization is easier at Magento platform. Magento is a self-hosted platform and offers a friendly development environment to the developers. There are two editions of the Magento platform. The community edition is completely free to use while the enterprise edition is the paid version. The platform is based on PHP/MySQL technology which is the most widely used technology of the web world.

Following are the reasons to choose Magento as a development platform:

Ease of Customization


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