9 Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas to Thank your Customers

What better way to tell customers that you care than to send them a beautiful customer appreciation gift? Your rivals might be trying to win over customers with stale “thank you” emails. You can now leave a deep impression.

The issue with thank-you gifts is finding out what to send. You can’t pick something that’s way too expensive, nor can you choose something that might be seen as worthless. You need to draw a thin line between price and practicality when choosing thank-you gift ideas.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to Use Gifts for Marketing
  2. How to Select Customer Appreciation Gifts
  3. 9 Thank-You Gift Ideas that Your Customers Will Love

How to Use Gifts for Marketing

While the specific purpose of a customer appreciation gift is to tell you to care, it has another aim too: to promote your online store. You surely want customers to feel appreciated and happy, however, it would additionally be nice if they were to suggest your store to their friends.

To utilize customer appreciation gifts as a marketing strategy, there are so many things you need to remember.

Explicit vs. secret gifts

Should you tell buyers about the gift or should you just send them as a surprise?

There are pros and cons to both approaches. Telling customers upfront might pursue them to purchase, particularly if they consider the gift as a “deal”. Simultaneously, it robs you of the customer happiness that comes with a surprise gift.

What approach you utilize will rely on what you desire to achieve with the gift. If your aim is to delight customers, increase word of mouth and build loyalty, Pick a surprise gift.

Maximize the impact of gifting

To benefit the most out of your customer appreciation gifts, there are a couple of things you should remember:

  • As per the University of Miami study discovered “Customers purchase more when there is a “mystery” involved in the purchase”.
  • Customers who get something free and unexpected are attracted to purchase more.
  • As per an article in the Journal of Marketing, “Giving away a free gift creates instant word of mouth”
  • Concentrate on gifting customers who are online on social media or have a history of sharing your products.
  • Think about donating to charity on behalf of the customer rather than giving away a gift. Research recommends that charity donations work better than a practical gift, particularly when the original purchase is frivolous in nature.

How to Select Customer Appreciation Gifts

A customer appreciation gift is generally something physical, fruitful, and link with your business in some capacity. It has a basic purpose: to thank shoppers for their business. Regardless of whether the gift shows a “wow” or “eh” will rely on the quality of the gift.

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