7 Steps to a High Converting Product Page

If you go through many product pages, you’ll see that they have a certain structure. It’s not accidental.

A good product page answers every question a customer may have about the product. At the same time, this page gets customers’ attention and encourages them to checkout.

If you have a Builderfly store, then your product pages have tools for providing organized, detailed product information: upload multiple pictures, make comprehensive descriptions, along with product variations and input fields, link your policies.

So how do you design a product page that drives traffic? Here’s a bare minimum that each online store owner should do.

Provide accurate product descriptions, with options and dimensions

When people are purchasing with their hard-earned cash, they don’t need a gamble. They need full confidence in what they’re purchasing. Is it the right size for my car? Will this fit me? Is it adjustable? Is it machine-washable?

For all the benefits of online selling, one major disadvantage is the inability to touch and handle the product you’re buying. So your product descriptions ought to be very useful. This is how you can close this gap for your customer

Display an inventory level indicator

This is a big one because it ties directly into customer loyalty and satisfaction. It can be an irrecoverable buzzkill to find out a product you love, get motivated enough to purchase it, go through all the steps in the checkout process, just to find that the product is out of stock.

Let customer reviews roll in

The best marketing strategy has always been Word of Mouth. Personal suggestions are far more trusted and inspiring than any ad campaign. So when your customers are outsiders on the Internet who will never meet, the only way to solve this sort of marketing is through Customer Reviews. If you state “Hey! My product is great!” Your customers are inclined not to take your word for it. However if their fellow shoppers say it, you get the advantage of an earned reputation.

Add a descriptive, SEO-friendly product title

If you’re like us, coming up with the best title is often the last step in designing a web page. This is generally because the title uncovers itself as we develop the content. For a retail business, however, the content is already crafted; the products you sell are already well-set up.

When preparing up the perfect keywords and title, use a little reverse engineering; ask yourself “If I were looking for this product, what would I type into a search bar?”

Additionally, you can try conducting that search yourself. See what comes, and see what catches your attention. If it works for you, it will work for your users. Your title should be unique and specific to your product. If you utilize particular buzzwords in your branding, be sure to add those.

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