7 Perfect Font Pairing for your Ecommerce Website

Scientists claim you have about 10–20 seconds to catch users’ attention before they leave your site for parts unknown. So you truly want to make that first 10 seconds count.

Pairing the best fonts for ecommerce stores is not an exact science, but general rule designers like to follow is that opposites attract. Two fonts need enough visual contrast to pair better. While not all complementary pairings follow that rule, it’s usually a good place to start.

Here are a few examples of the best ecommerce font pairings using a free font resource we love.

Montserrat Bold and Roboto Regular

Sometimes you just need a nice clean font pairing. While two sans serifs aren’t exactly opposites of each other, we’ve used font-weight to create more contrast between the two fonts. Montserrat Bold is a heavy text style that works very well with the lighter Roboto Regular. This pairing is best for ecommerce websites selling electronics or industrial parts.

Crimson Text Regular and Source Sans Pro Regular

Combining a sans serif with a serif font is one of the most popular font pairings. Here, we’ve chosen to use a serif called Crimson Text with a sans serif, Source Sans Pro. This classic pairing has a calming effect on viewers and works best with skincare, spa and yoga, and other relaxation-based ecommerce sites.

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