7 Kick-Ass Ecommerce Call-to-Action Examples And Why They Work

Your storefront looks great. You might have spent a lot of time modifying it and ensuring everything flows perfectly. But, without a call to action (CTA), your marketing messages are like shovels without handles. They may be pretty and well-designed, but they’re nearly unusable.

Visitors come to your ecommerce website looking for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. Unfortunately, many marketers — even those in management positions — love to help people, but they don’t want to “sell them”.

Those afflicted with the idea that selling is somehow evil are prone to see the CTA button or message as a pushy sales tool — one they’re reluctant to use.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to change your tune.

Knowing how to use CTAs effectively is a skill essential to conversion rate optimization. Whether you’re not using CTAs enough or your CTAs aren’t as effective as they could be, this article will serve as an excellent primer you can review and discuss with your marketing staff.

We’ll begin by talking the seven actionable call-to-action examples which you can use to make your CTAs work better.

What is a call-to-action?

The call-to-action button (or other CTA link) on an ecommerce website is a prompt to take the next step toward becoming a new customer or repeat buyer. The CTA typically takes the form of a succinct ad copy coupled with a graphic that’s designed to get visitors to click a link (take an action) to move forward on the sales path.

Examples of CTAs are everywhere online, including Google Ads, free trial offers of SaaS products, landing page, Buy Now buttons, email campaigns with Find Out More click-throughs, and various prompts aimed at getting visitors to add products to a shopping cart.

Get ready for the deluge of conversions you’re about to experience.

1. GiftRocket — ‘Send a GiftRocket’

Let’s face it — off-the-shelf greetings cards and gift certificates are pretty much the easiest ways to tell someone you care. However, GiftRocket manages to merge the two into a wonderful compelling package that can result in a perfect gift for the people you love.

Why this call to action works

This CTA is so useful because it doesn’t ask you to “Sign Up Now” or “Get Yours Free,” but lets you to “Send a GiftRocket,” a much more exciting and interesting way to send a gift.

This landing page features simple yet striking imagery along with active verbs and short sentences, resulting in a unified experience. Why should you send a gift card when you can Send a GiftRocket?

2. Amazon: Emphasizing security

It’s one of the easiest calls to action examples however it shows how you can give so many reasons for visitors to keep interested in your CTA.

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