6 Ways to Market Free Shipping to Grow Your Online Store

Imagine someone just told you to buy a smart fragrance diffuser for $100. Now, imagine you have no idea what that is, what it does or why it’s worth $100. There’s not much chance you’re rushing out your door to buy a smart fragrance diffuser right now.

During a survey by Statista, in November 2017 in the US, 73% of respondents stated that free shipping affects their buying decision.

As soon as you start selling the products through your ecommerce store, you look for many marketing tactics to grow your sales. Free shipping is one of the most excellent marketing strategies that merchants try to improve the count of their sales. If you haven’t tried it yet for your store, you can get started anytime. Before introducing the idea of free shipping on your store, evaluate the price of the products that you have listed.

Once you are ready to launch the idea of free shipping, here are a few ways that you can count on to market it.

Free shipping for lightweight and costly products

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