5 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to 5X your Conversion Rate

The most significant aspect of running an independent ecommerce website is your ability to build an email list.

This is proprietary data nobody else on the web has but you. It is your advantage over the competition. It is your vehicle for building esteem and engaged relationships with your customers. It is a key mechanism for how you increase customer lifetime value and effectively predict the direction of your business.

The strategies you employ with your email list are important, similarly how you communicate to and interact with your customers on social media, in forums, or on calls is important. You are building a relationship. You are sharing information. You are providing opportunities and touchpoints beyond what someone not on that email list would get.

These people are VIPs.

After all, they have already purchased with your brand. Industry benchmarks demonstrate that nearly 21% of people will open your email, with 2.56% of them navigating to your site. Additionally, 33% of recipients will open your email on the subject line alone and nearly 55% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

5 Tips to Beat Email Marketing Benchmarks and Increase Sales

Ecommerce email marketing is both a science and an art. You can review your metrics and find areas to A/B test, but every test will likely call upon good copywriting and psychological triggers in order to increase performance.

When using email marketing platforms and engaging with your list, there is no one method that works for every brand.

So, here is the best advice for brands looking to improve the performance of their email marketing efforts.

Tip 1

Don’t be boring. Most brands could benefit from adopting a significantly more friendly way to deal with email.

Instead of sending out a boring email that says “your package has been shipped” take that time to add a funny GIF of some penguins dancing with joy that your package has shipped.

Make the text lighthearted by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Now when you ask for that up-sell by including a few recommended products, it’s much more likely to be received positively.

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