4 Ways to Make your Logo Look its Best on your Builderfly Theme

We all know how important a good logo design is for creating a trustworthy, profitable online Builderfly store — but how you present your logo in your Builderfly theme is just as key.

Below are four areas to consider when adding your logo to your Builderfly theme.

Start with good quality

The first aspect to consider when adding your logo to your Builderfly store theme is the quality of the logo file. For the best results, you’ll want the start with the cleanest, highest quality version of your logo you have.

For best results, start with a vector file format such as EPS or Adobe Illustrator. However, if it is not available, a high-quality PNG, TIFF, JPEG, or even GIF can still be enough to start with.

If all you have available is a lower quality version, consider using a site such as Fiverr or Upwork to hire a freelancer to convert the file you do have into a vector file (this is sometimes referred to as “tracing”).

This type of work can be surprisingly affordable and is a worthwhile investment since you’ll be able to use the new file for many other uses for your business.

Get the format right

Ultimately, no matter what format your logo starts in, most Builderfly themes, including Out of the Sandbox’s, are designed to use PNG files for logos.

PNG is a short form of Portable Network Graphic. This is an ideal format for logos as it provides the transparency needed for photographic or colored backgrounds and additionally supports the fine detail needed for line art and letters.

Most Builderfly themes will convert your logo to PNG format if you submit it in another format, but this can result in some unintended degradation of quality on the final Builderfly store.

Remove the background

Since so many Builderfly themes place the store’s logo over a solid color of the photographic background, you’ll most likely want a version of your logo with a transparent background.

If your logo is quite simple, this can be done fairly easily with some image editing program. Simply use a search engine to search for tutorials for the program you’re using. If your logo is more complex or you don’t have access to image editing software, consider looking for someone to help you on Fiverr or Upwork.

Get the proper shape

Most Builderfly themes are designed to allow a store owner to upload a custom logo. However, there is often a limitation on the shape or size of the space the logo can occupy.

This can provide a bit of a challenge if, for example, your logo is a square but the slot for the logo in the Builderfly theme you’ve selected is more rectangular.

Most well built Builderfly themes, however, don’t lock you into a specific size, but rather provide a maximum width and height for the logo used in it. A logo that is 205 pixels high and 600 pixels wide wouldn’t work, because 600 is higher than 410 which is the maximum limit. Likewise, an image file that’s 475 pixels wide by 300 high also wouldn’t be acceptable since both the width and height are larger than the maximums.

If you’re not sure how to adjust your logo size utilizing an image editing program, then you can also hire a freelancer or search for an image resizing service.

Although the exact approach will vary depending on your exact logo design, an easy technique is to simply use the portion of your logo that spells out the store name (also known as a logotype), eliminating any extra elements.

You could also consider using an emblem or icon version of your logo or, if possible, have your original logo designer or a new freelancer create an alternate version that can be used online.

Source: https://www.builderfly.com/4-ways-to-make-your-logo-look-its-best-on-your-builderfly-theme

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