3 Features Every Great Product Page Should Have

Regardless of whether or not an online store is successful depends on dozens and hundreds of individual factors. Success needs that magic mixture of quality products, effective calls to action, smart timing, prominence in search engines, and so on.

One of the many factors — that collects many of these factors — is the product page. These pages can truly make or break an ecommerce store. If they’re great, they can increase your sales; if they’re subpar, well you can guess the rest.

Convincing and entertaining product pages are important if you need your online store to thrive. However, making these pages needs much more than a couple of photos and a line or two of text.

Let’s find out what all these necessary factors are. Ready to learn? Let’s jump right in.

A list of related or matching products

Selling any items in a similar family or set? Or have any products that pair up specifically well? Why not combine them together?

Suggesting related, or well-coordinated products can be a great sale-booster. Buyers might not be aware of matching items unless you tell them. If they get a match while shopping for one item, they’re more likely to check it out.

For example, Happy Plugs allows you to sort products by asking “what color are you today?”…

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