3 Best Podcasts Marketing Success Stories to Inspire Your Branded Podcast

Podcasts Marketing Success

Podcasts just may be the next big thing in content marketing — at least, that’s what a lot of the thought leaders are saying these days.

Podcast marketing requires a level of commitment from audiences most other content forms don’t. Listeners can’t skim podcasts like they can skim articles. It takes much more time and focuses to listen to a 20-minute podcast episode than it does to scroll through a brand’s Instagram feed.

So if you want to create a branded podcast, how do you keep audiences hooked for the long haul?

To answer that question, we went searching for some of the most engaging branded podcasts out there. The three companies profiled below are all vastly different from each other. But all three have managed to create podcasts that earn good ratings and amass a regular following of casual listeners.

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